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Why Purchase a Strata Nirvana Report?

A Strata Nirvana report will give you information & insights about the property you are wishing to purchase.

Ultimately, you are not just buying a unit or a townhouse; You are buying into a Scheme or Community that has rules and regulations that govern living in that building or complex.

  • Some properties have major work planned or defects that they are trying to get fixed by the builder. While this affects not just the physical side of the property, it can also affect the bank balance, which in turn may affect you as an owner.
  • Strata Nirvana inspections will identify and report on problems which may have an affect on the purchase price and your purchase decision. Is a special levy likely in the near future? Will the planned works affect rental returns?
  • A Strata Nirvana report will also advise on the properties attitude towards pets. Most properties have a by-law regarding pets but this can sometimes be quite different to the current pet policy in operation.
  • A Strata Nirvana report will provide details on the harmony of the property. We check the correspondence for evidence of disputes. Is parking a problem? Is noise a problem? Are people getting along?

We provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision.

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