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Strata Nirvana is Newcastle’s oldest independent strata reporting company & have been assisting self managed strata schemes with compliance & dispute management since our establishment in July 2014.

Many strata schemes are self managed having chosen to not engage a strata manager.

Our principal Vicky Sherry retains her strata management licence & is available to assist you.

Strata Nirvana do not manage your strata scheme. We assist you to self manage when the need arises.

There are no contracts & we charge on a per request basis.

Strata Nirvana assist self managed strata schemes to put their books & records in order.

Vendors in small self managed strata schemes are finding that properties have less value if they have not been managed compliantly & do not have the mandatory records.

Properties may take longer to sell & some sales have not proceeded.

The Strata Schemes Management ACT & Regulations has been reviewed & updated in 2015 & commenced in 2016. With the review came changes to strata schemes compliance obligations. Changes include the need to review & consolidate by-laws, establish payment plans for late levy payments & ensure windows are child safe. The new legislation includes a new set of model by-laws that owners corporations may choose to incorporate all or part of in the governance of their strata scheme.

Need Some Adivce

  • navigating the legislation
  • NSW Government Strata Hub
  • understanding your strata plan, what is common property, what is not.
  • first annual general meeting notice & minutes
  • annual general meeting notices & minutes
  • extraordinary general meeting notices & minutes
  • ABN registration
  • financial records
  • by-law consolidation & review
  • registration of new & consolidated by-laws with the Land Registry.
  • dispute management
  • tribunal applications
  • & much more


Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016

NSW Land Registry Service

NSW Government

Strata Schemes Management Act 2015

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